Out in the World…

Well, this is pretty fun – I have been looking into ways to get The Meep Sheep out to the world and was looking into distribution channels and such and how to get the book into the two big book chains in my area and what do you know, it looks like it will happen.


I am putting this and put the last book out via CreateSpace and it seems that if you pay for the premium thing on the book you have wider distro channels, which means that Barnes & Noble is already listing This Beautiful Darkness and will be listing my Meepie book sooner than later. WHICH MEANS that you can order my book at your local B&N and hopefully your local Borders soon. So that’s awesome. For a long time if you ‘self published’ you were looked down on and made to feel all around like you were not good enough to be taken seriously but the fact that you can get listed with and potentially sold via these outlets is pretty great. And pretty big.

Anyone that goes through the entire process to produce a book and carries it to publication deserves some respect. Now whether their book is good or not is another story, and more often than not the books won’t be that great, but that doesn’t mean the books are any less valid or valued if they are self produced. With any luck the growing technology will at least give more people like me, the writers that are not bad, but have not caught a publisher’s eye yet, a chance to get their work out to the world and build a fan base, and share their work.

This is pretty huge for me. I am hoping that this will make it easier to get the book into the local stores around here. We. Shall. See.


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