So Now What?

    Well, now that The Meep Sheep is out you’d think the heavy lifting is done, right? Ha, I wish that was the case. Getting the book out is the big deal, that’s the pat yourself on the back work, but the thankless work comes now, and that’s with supporting the book. Now is where you have to do a gut check and to believe in yourself and the book you produced.

Next up for me is the heart of my convention run which starts this weekend –

Motorcity Nightmares in Novi, MI. April 23 – 25. Pretty cool horror con with some fun guests. Definitely worth a look.

Motorcity Comic Con in Novi, MI, May 14 – 16. Michigan’s biggest comic and pop culture show. Tons of guests and a really fun weekend.

After those I have my sights set on a huge weekend arts festival in Detroit that is at the end of the Summer and then a book and author show in October. Hopefully some shows will pop between them as well because the name of the game now is promote, promote, promote.


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