The Meep Sheep – press release

Press Release – The Meep Sheep by Chris Ringler

Dark clouds have formed in the Kingdom of Man, clouds of dissent, doubt, and worse yet, fear. After a century of peace and sunshine darkness has come to this land, and with it the rumors of unrest, and unless a young queen can stop this brewing storm, her entire world may be destroyed.

The Meep Sheep is Flint author Chris Ringler’s third book and is far different than anything he has released before. The Meep Sheep is a series of fairy tales all set in the Land of Man, where wondrous creatures and amazing people mix in a world where magic has not yet been forgotten. These strangers will journey to find themselves but will also join their destinies together to stop the darkness from overtaking their land before it is too late. This is a book about the joys of self discovery, the wonders of a world where magic is alive and well, and of the dangers of self doubt and fear. The stories of The Meep Sheep follow Messy, a young queen learning to lead, Ashley Pickles, a musician learning to share his gift for music, Amanda, a young journalist who befriends the dangerous Panda Kingdom, and No One, the old man who guards the much feared Great Thicket. Separately they can only battle their own issues but together they can save their world.

This is Chris Ringler’s latest book and will give readers a chance to see a new side of this talented writer. Along with The Meep Sheep Chris is the author of This Beautiful Darkness and Back From Nothing, both of which are darker short story collections. Chris has had three stories published in Bare Bone and was published in Cthulhu Sex Magazine. Mr. Ringler has been writing for nearly twenty years and in this time he has completed a novel and hundreds of short stories. During his writing career he received Honorable Mention in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror 2006 and 2007.

Chris Ringler graduated from Lake Fenton High School, in Fenton, Michigan in 1992 and went on to attend Mott Community College and then The University of Michigan – Flint, where he graduated with a BA in 1997. Mr. Ringler is a writer, artist, and photographer and lives in Flint, Michigan and is someone who fell in love with writing and art at a young age. Chris has been doing pop culture conventions and art shows for fifteen years now and hopes to keep getting his book into the hands of readers every chance he can.

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