Motorcity Comic Con 2010 Day Two

Day two and another epic and fun day. So much fun. So many people…so few sales. It’s always a drag not to sell but, darn, it was such a fun day that it’s hard, very hard, to be bitter.

Saturday is always the huge day of the con and this was one of the biggest I have seen. Huge. And man, seriously, even with more space to wander in people just fill it with their stink and their duh. Lots of duh. Almost got run down by a Hover-Round while going towards the bathroom. Tragedy, and embarrassment averted. Phew.  People just go to this thing though and stop in the middle of the aisles and it is maddening. GAH!

Lots more friends today, and I sold some stuff to them, which was cool. It is so good to see friends at these things because even if you are having a bad day you can have some laughs that make up for it all. By day two you are getting wacky and so the jokes start to roll. This was also a huge costume day and despite a lot of people with similar gear on (really, must we ALL be Batman characters or the other major characters, really? Give a brother a Galactus. At least there were some oddballs, like Sinestro, that was fun.) but the costumes were fun, and not as sleazy as you see at some of the cons. Word spread of some celebs copping ‘tude but everyone I ran into seemed affable and to be having fun. Heck, I walked between Eric Roberts and a rassler of some manner talking in the exit. Fun.

Got stuff signed by author Max Brooks who wrote The Zombie Survival Guide, World War Z, and The Zombie Survival Guide – Recorded Attacks. Super nice guy and very fun with his fans. I appreciate when people sign stuff for free if people have it with them. I ended up being talked into giving him a copy of one of my books (This Beautiful Darkness) and he was really cool and thanked me for it. Boss!

Also got to talk to a few more guests there, and that was cool. So many creative people. It bums me out that so many of them have to do their versions of known or established characters in order to make money. How sad. Like going to an acclaimed artist and telling them you like what they do but could they do it THIS way instead? Really? Really?

No after party this year, which is super weak sauce but we had our own fun. Better day today but still need to sell more. Still not really selling the Meep Sheep which is nutty. I just am not sure how to pitch it. Darn it, it’s good, read it. READ IT! And I cannot bring myself to ‘bark’ out to people to entice them to buy. It just seems tacky to me.

Overall a great day. Had a blast. Still need to check the ‘green’ room. Oh, and Mandie bought me the Brooks graphic novel and she and friend Justin went in on a rad Earth X figurine for me. WIN!

Tomorrow is the last day, wish us all luck. Pics below. Oh, if you are just discovering me, the stuff for sale and the like is to your right. Feel free to browse but you break it, you bought it kid.

IMG_3688-1 IMG_3689-1 IMG_3690-1 IMG_3691-1 IMG_3693-1 IMG_3695-1 IMG_3696-1 IMG_3716-1 IMG_3718-1 IMG_3719-1 IMG_3720-1 IMG_3722-1 IMG_3723-1 IMG_3724-1

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