So I have some manner of thing going on with my hands that seems awfully similar to carpal tunnel, which sorta sucks, which is sorta why I haven’t updated. That and this issue with a bat I have. Seriously epic blood feud with me and this critter. Waking up to a bat flying around above you is not so good. Luckily this time it didn’t run into me as I was going downstairs in the dark, as happened a year ago. Boo.

Basically, this is just me saying hey – how are ya?

I updated the book and that’s rolling out again. Nothing changed other than some grammar and spelling fixes. It’s a heck of a thing to do all the work and get your book together and out there and think it’s good to go only to find or have others find spelling and grammar errors. Fail. I mean, all books have some zits but, it’s embarrassing. For reals. The last thing you want is for someone to be pulled out of your book/story/missive by an error that could have been avoided. It sucks. But it happens. I mean, it’s better it happens and I can fix it easily (hooray for Create Space), but it is still a pain. Worse is that every time I tinker I get the George Lucas bug where I wanna add stuff, or fix things. GAH. That’s a fear I have with the novel, that I will never stop tinkering.

Tinker, tinker, tinker.

So there you have it. That’s where I am. Looks like I will be selling The Meep Sheep at the Flint Farmer’s Market late in June, and then a friend is working on a signing for us to do together with another writer, then some other spoons are in the stew but we shall see what comes of all that.

So, for now, I wish you a day where something changes your mind, where something changes your view, where something changes your hope, and a day where I hope, you changed your drawers.


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