What Ya Learn Along the Way…

So, if you are lucky enough, and keep your eyes and ears open, you are bound to learn new stuff all the time. And as a writer, you are always learning, though, it’s usually stuff you feel like you should know or wish you didn’t HAVE to know. So, on the journey of The Meep Sheep I have been learning lots. And here, for you, dear friend, I give you the things I have learned of late.

~ Don’t give up – writing the book is the easy part. It’s publicizing it and promoting it that takes the time and persistence. As well as the inner strength.

~ Never believe what people tell you – by this I mean that if someone says a bookstore won’t carry you I offer that you should see for yourself. You are not the other person. Your book is not their book. See for yourself. Now, odds are long unless you have some manner of ISBN listing number but heck, who can say what will happen if you ask?

~ Have a pitch – I am still working on a pitch for the Meepies. I mean, I know the book but I don’t know how to sell it, which is key. But you need a pitch if you are gonna sell.

~ Be open to opportunities – Never dismiss a sales opportunity out of hand unless it stands in direct opposition of what you or your book represent. Ya never know where the sales will come from.

~ Contact the press, and any alma maters you have – Local kid does good is always a good story. Pitch it right and you might get some ink. Ink is good.

~ Google Alerts – Know the enemy and know yourself. You can set an alert to see what people are talking about in the news and on blogs and this way you can target sites that might review or cover you. HA! (Got that info from a friend who lent me her expertise, which is vast).

~ Edit – I am still finding burps in the book. Burps are ok but if you want to be taken seriously and want to really get the book out there than it has to be as close to perfect as possible. It’s tedious and sucks but is part of the deal.

~ Word of Mouth is key – You have to get people talking about your book, which means people have to be reading the bloody thing. Ya hate to lose stock, ’cause it costs you but, well, it’s part of the business. With luck the hands you put the book in will spread the book around, or at least word of it. If they like it, their friends may like it and on and on and on.

~ Oh… – Never give up. I said don’t give up, and I mean it but I stress – never give up. If you give up on yourself then who is going to believe in you when it’s all said and done? It ain’t easy, bucky, but it’s up to you. And you can do it. I have faith in ya. Trust me. I am a writer.

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