Summer Update…

Well, The Meep Sheep has been out for a couple months now, and This Beautiful Darkness has been out for a year so it’s time for an update me thinks.

Basically, so far so good. The Summer has been good so far. The first shows I did – Flint Comix Con, and Motorcity Nighteres were duds for me as far as moving books and art but they were fun events and were first runs for TBD on the circuit. I am still figuring how to best set up and display my art and books and then have to get past my innate shyness to try to sell the darn stuff, something not so easy at all for me. The shows were fun but just not anything I made money on.

Motorcity Comic Con was similarly successful but I seem to get stuck near people that are SELLERS and who are very aggressive so it either pushes people away or draws them only to those people. It’s weird. And frankly, the comic con has become all about the celebs and the ‘stuff’ that is for sale. Not sure I will do another one until/unless I have spare cash to risk the investment or have gotten the word out about the books more.

Man though, the smaller art shows and Flint signings I have done have been really successful. Sold a bunch of books, sold some art, and have gotten really good responses to everything. It’s been pretty great.

Sales are great and all but what is important is whether people are liking the books and so far so good. People are really getting behind The Meep Sheep (my folks even liked it!) and are getting what I was trying to do with it, which is fantastic. And so far the response to TBD has been great as well. And that is what matters – for people to like the books. For YOU to like them. Now, I need to sell them if I want to keep having time to write, to promote, to get the word out and hopefully some day have some neat PR stuff for The Meep Sheep but all that will come in time, hopefully. I have done pretty well locally, and have a big festival coming at the end of August that will be a big bellwether as to how the books and my new art will do outside of this area. I did really well there last year so I have high hopes. But really, more than anything, this is all about the break through point, which is where I am. I have played my cards locally and need to start getting sales via the web and to get some sort of groundswell of word of mouth. Which is where you come in – have you read any of my books? Wanna do me a favor and tell people if you dug them. Or write a review. I need all the help I can get and if you liked my work, then let the world know!

Pretty please?

Like I said though, it’ s been a pretty good Summer. I have been painting, have written three side stories that go with the Meep book and which can be found here and I have been writing other stuff off and on, which is good as well. Just need some focused time, really to get back to writing more regularly.

Hope your Summer is going well, kids, and hope to catch some of you out and about while I lug the books here and there over the next month or so.


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