Something UNIMAGINABLE Has Arrived

It should be clear by now that I am alwasy involved in some manner of something or other. For years now I have felt endlessly frustrated when I am not being creative or working on a project so I tend to end up getting mixed up into some caper or another. For the past three… Continue reading Something UNIMAGINABLE Has Arrived

A Note To Friends And A Press Release – Hooray?

Eighteen years ago I began a journey.  It started with a short, weird little story about an angry man with a pumpkin on his head and it became the seed for what would eventually become my first and perhaps only novel.  This novel has been with me for a long time.  From that short story… Continue reading A Note To Friends And A Press Release – Hooray?

A Shadow Over Ever – a novel about the end

Pete Anders is a lonely man. An angry man. A man who has reached the end of his patience and sanity and a man who has chosen Halloween as the night he will get his revenge. What Pete doesn't see though are the strings that are leading him towards a violent end where he can… Continue reading A Shadow Over Ever – a novel about the end

Some Info On The Novel and The COVER!

Ok, so I fretted and fretted over the book yesterday. I knew it'd be big but didn't realize it'd be THIS big. Part of it is the form factor I chose. It was put it in my head that it'd be neat to have all the books have the same form factor as the other… Continue reading Some Info On The Novel and The COVER!

For Meeping on the Go…

I love books. I will always love books. I mean, I am a writer for goodness sake so it's clear I am gonna dig me some books. The thing is though that the book is now becoming the 'book'. We are still getting stories told by amazing storytellers but the way the stories are being… Continue reading For Meeping on the Go…

Red Dreams

OK, here we go. The new book is called Red Dreams and is a collection of dark stories similar to 2009's This Beautiful Darkness. Generally newer work with a couple older pieces dusted off and thrown in there. Most of the works are freshened up. The book is 214 pages long and is a paperback… Continue reading Red Dreams

And Now I Shall Give You…RED DREAMS

So here it is, the new book and the new cover. I edited it and layed it out myself first and then did the cover and...was told by wiser people that it needed some work. With the help of Amanda Emery and Marcus Bieth I was able to really nail this thing and really like… Continue reading And Now I Shall Give You…RED DREAMS

Winding Up a Busy Season…

Phew, it's been a bit of a whirlwind since the publication of The Meep Sheep a few months ago and I am still going strong. The thing that wears you out with the book process is the promotion, as I have said before, but it's also some of the most fun you have. Getting the… Continue reading Winding Up a Busy Season…

Summer Update…

Well, The Meep Sheep has been out for a couple months now, and This Beautiful Darkness has been out for a year so it’s time for an update me thinks. Basically, so far so good. The Summer has been good so far. The first shows I did – Flint Comix Con, and Motorcity Nighteres were… Continue reading Summer Update…

The Blood Red Prairie – a story

In honor of Father’s Day I wrote my dad a short Western. I hadn’t written a Western before and it was pretty fun. Not sure I’d do a lot of them but it’s always good to try something different to see what you end up with. This is what I came up with. The Blood… Continue reading The Blood Red Prairie – a story