But Why Should You Buy It?

So this is where I tell you why you should buy my books. Being self-published means that you are promoting your work all the time, but there’s a time when you just have to shut up and let the book do whatever it’s going to do. I try strike a balance with what I am doing because if you are anything like me (save for the tentacles, that’s an issue I suffer alone, I fear) you hate having someone always selling to you. It gets old and, honestly, there’s a point when you have to just shut up and let people discover it or not and you need to find other ways and places to promote. It hit me the other day that one thing I have never really just outright done is to tell people WHY they should buy my books. You can read what they are about for yourself but why do I think you should get them. Let’s see if I can tell you.


The thing that makes BFN such a special book is how utterly raw it is. These are stories I wrote from age eighteen until my early twenties and are the roughest and most honest of anything I have written. Sometimes I think they’re too honest and reveal too much. This is not to say that the book is auto-biographical in any way so much as the stories are about the raw parts of the heart and life and are not as edited as my later work. The stories are still good, are still interesting, but they are not as clean and neat, and you can see where my writing will go but that I haven’t gotten there yet. Packed with a ton of stories, this is a look back in time and back to who I was, once upon a time. There’s a lot of fun stuff here, and while it’s been eleven years since it came out, it still has the same power as it once did, and it definitely still has teeth. (this book is available through me for five dollars plus shipping.)


And this is what happens after ten years of writing. These are some of the best stories I have written in all these years and represent where I have gone as a writer. This was my first collection in ten years so I wanted to make sure it lived up to a book coming out after that long. These are dark stories that are not all necessarily horror but which walk the line and shed light on the darkest corners of the heart. I wanted the book to reflect how my writing and style has changed and how I have embraced more types of art than just writing and so along with the stories you’ll find some of my photography as well. A very fun book of very dark stories with a couple surprises at the end.


For anyone that’s read my stuff before or knew me, this is the book that will be the big surprise. The genesis of this book began about six or more years ago but the culmination is nothing like I have put out before. This is my take on the classic fairy tale, telling the story of a dark time in a far away kingdom. I hate to call this my ‘children’s book because I think that if I did my job right that anyone can read it and get something out of it. It’s accessible to kids because of the language and because I strayed away from breaking the illusion of the fairy tale so there’s little violence until the end, and it’s all fitting of this type of story. Of the three books, this is my favorite. It’s my favorite because it pays homage to some people who have made my life all the richer, and it’s my favorite because it is pure storytelling, and anything else you get out of it is just icing on the cake.

I love all of the stuff I write, love it because all the stories are a part of me and reflect a moment in my life. I can’t tell you that you’ll love the things I write, but I can tell you that I put my heart into these stories and if nothing else, you’ll walk away knowing that I gave these stories everything I had.

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