This Beautiful Darkness- Now Only $1 On Kindle!

I am very happy to announce another book available for AMAZON’S KINDLE that is only a dollar to buy. Here is an excerpt from one of the stories in This Beautiful Darkness - The Place Things Go To Die   For as long as this place has existed, they have come here to bury the… Continue reading This Beautiful Darkness- Now Only $1 On Kindle!

Well, How Do Ya Do?

Once in a while it's good to re-introduce yourself so, hi, my name's Chris, I am a writer, reviewer, blogger, and arty-type. Hi there. Look around here and you'll find my movie reviews, some stories, some art, and other fun stuff. To the right there are the links to my art and books, and where… Continue reading Well, How Do Ya Do?

The Meep Sheep update

    Today is a pretty big day on the calendar of the book kids, as today was the day that the book was submitted for review. Manda finished the last work on the book layout last night and we submitted it all just before midnight. Now, with This Beautiful Darkness we had the worst time… Continue reading The Meep Sheep update

“Are you ready to learn?”

Excerpt from THE BOX The screams, the screams had hung with him almost as much as the smell had, but the screams were worse. More real. The frightened shrieks of animals being slaughtered. Being butchered. Cut open from throat to belly as they writhed in sickening agony. As their life and entrails splashed to the… Continue reading “Are you ready to learn?”