The Skelebration of Scares

Welcome one, and welcome all, to The Skelebration of Scares, a multi-ring circus of terror. The wind has grown chill, friends, and the time has come again for the ghouls to leave the darkness of their tombs and to roam the land once more. We invite you, neighbor, to join us in the relatively creature free Lunch Studio in downtown Flint on October 29th from 7PM – 10PM.

Oh, and what wonderful horrors do we have in store for you, neighbor. Stories told to chill your bones, photos to capture your soul, art to make the eyes bleed, music to burn your ears, and a person who can look into the future and tell you what may lay ahead.

We cannot promise that the things in the dark won’t come near, neighbor, but I can promise you that this shall be a night of scares you won’t soon forget.

This is a free event. Costumes are not required but encouraged.

*Parent discretion is advised – stories may be too intense for younger listeners.*

For more information contact CHRIS RINGLER at –

(this event is in downtown Flint, Michigan and is the second such event we’ve held. The first was pretty boss and featured some great stories. I am working on something new to share. Mwahahaha.)

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