Ticked Off Trannies With Knives – review

Ticked Off Trannies With Knives

If you have read any of my recent reviews, or have seen any genre films lately (why comedies are not trying this I cannot say) then you know there has been a terribly nostalgic run of films coming out. I think it is the Grindhouse effect, the desire to embrace a bygone era that so many filmmakers feel passionately about but the trouble is that most of the time the filmmakers miss the point completely. In emulating the past the filmmakers miss that that era was about truth, about pushing the boundaries, and in the case of the grindhouse film, about nasty fun. Too often the modern movies switch truth for fabrication and boundary pushing for raunchiness. Ah, but with Tick Off Trannies With Knives we find a rare film that really ‘gets’ it. This is modern grindhouse friends done in a retro style, and man is it good.

Five lovely ladies are out on the town after a night of performing at the club they all work at and while out, two of them meet guys that look ready to party. The ladies split up and a third joins the cats on the prowl so they can score as their two new friends have another guy waiting. The only thing that awaits the ladies though is trouble as the man that is waiting for them is an abusive acquaintance of one of the women who didn’t like what he found between her legs when they had hooked up previously. The man and his friends decide to take out their frustration and rage out on the ladies and in the end two are left dead and the other barely escapes with her life but not without some serious injuries. The violence isn’t over though, and when vengeance comes, it will come at the end of a stiletto heel, as these flowers have thorns.

Sweet mercy, this is so much fun. It is vulgar, it is gory, it is hilarious, and it knows exactly what it is. This is a perfect ‘go-girl’ sort of film where front to back you root for the ladies and ‘trannies’ or no, what matters is that you care for them, and you want to see them get their revenge. The characters are amazing and while the movie is very ‘written’ feeling, you don’t care because this is great dialogue. The weakest part here is the heart of the story with the villainous guys but man, they are simply fodder for the ladies to take revenge on. What you want, more than anything, is a sequel that is bigger so you can really see them cut loose.

You cannot in any way go into this film thinking you are getting a serious movie because if you do you will be very, very disappointed. This is a fun, ridiculous film and is one of the most fun movies I have seen in a while. It is wonderfully acted (by the ladies, at least), shot, written, and they nailed the ‘worn film’ look perfectly and in the end, this is what you want in a throwback film. If you feel the need, dear filmmakers, to emulate a forgone era then make sure you are going into it with the right mindset and right sense of heart. Ticked Off Trannies does that all the way through, and it is highly recommended.

8 out of 10

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