THE FIELDS – Movie Review

THE FIELDS – Movie Review Childhood, for many, is a magical time full of laughter and games and time spent playing with friends, but for some childhood is no refuge from the stresses and terrors of adult life. Such is the case with the young boy in THE FIELDS, whose mother and father are embroiled… Continue reading THE FIELDS – Movie Review


­Summer of Massacre           Ok, now I have seen everything.  It took a while but we finally got a horror movie trying to be Sin City.  Sort of.  The charm of Sin City though lay with its characters that they all intersected and interacted and lived in the backdrop of a surreal city where reality… Continue reading SUMMER OF MASSACRE – review

Bite Marks–review

   Oh vampires, you are so darned popular these days it’s sickening.  I realize that you guys are hip, and have that whole danger aspect that the kids love these days but darn it I really need you guys to lay low for a while.  It’s just too much.  Give the other monsters a chance,… Continue reading Bite Marks–review

i-Crime – Movie review

i-Crime              Oh dear, oh dear. Sometimes you just watch a movie and wonder if the people who made it knew what it was they were making. Ya wonder if anyone ever had a moment during filming where they realized, geez, I think we’re missing our target. You know, like if you were making a… Continue reading i-Crime – Movie review

The Coffin – review

   Something American films have never gotten right when it comes to modern ghost stories is the sense of dread that the rest of the world, especially in Asia, have nailed even in the worst of their films. There is something that perhaps we have lost in American culture, the reverence and fear of the… Continue reading The Coffin – review

Asylum Seekers–review

   It is really a shame that for most directors and filmmakers the only time in their careers that they have the freedom to experiment with storytelling because I think we the audience lose out on a lot of really interesting work. Alas, the perception, and perhaps reality, is that general audiences don’t want to… Continue reading Asylum Seekers–review

Strangers Online – review

With the saturation of social networking people are able to update everything they are doing, everything they are, revealing even the most intimate details of their lives, at a moment’s notice. Add to this the fact that most computers and phones have photo and video capabilities so the boundaries we had lived with for so… Continue reading Strangers Online – review


   With the smaller indie horror films few things make me happier than a movie that knows its limitations. I have griped about this time and again but it never gets old with me – if you can’t afford to do something in your movie then just don’t do it. Don’t try to do something… Continue reading Dawning–review

Ninjas vs. Vampires–movie review

   You know what, there are movies that I get to review that are hard to take seriously. Too often they are poorly made, have little imagination, and are often just space filler at video stores. I offer this though, NvsV is a rare exception that while not a movie I’d go out looking for… Continue reading Ninjas vs. Vampires–movie review

The Anniversary at Shallow Creek–movie review

The Anniversary At Shallow Creek The problem with trends in horror is that, well, they become trends. It isn’t always a bad thing as it happens with every aspect of the entertainment industry – you produce what sells. The hope you have as a consumer is that the work produced is good. Or at least… Continue reading The Anniversary at Shallow Creek–movie review

CROPSEY–movie review

   It is a delicate bit of balancing that comes with making a documentary film. You have to serve the truth, the story, and the audience and all of it at once. As exciting as the truth is it is exciting often because of its subtlety, because of its delicacy, two things that films often… Continue reading CROPSEY–movie review

Half Moon

I have to admit that it’s a nice surprise to find a low budget horror film that actually seems to have the same idea I always say these types of movies SHOULD have, and that is to focus on what you have and can do and not what you cannot do. Too many indie horror… Continue reading Half Moon

Bleading Lady

I think I discovered a new type of movie, a new subgenre. No, it's true. Torture Corn. Movies about torturing and killing people but which are not serious in the least. Hm, no, that isn't right. Rats. I'll work on it. Anyway, the movie that inspired this new idea for a subgenre is Bleading Lady,… Continue reading Bleading Lady