For Meeping on the Go…

I love books. I will always love books. I mean, I am a writer for goodness sake so it’s clear I am gonna dig me some books. The thing is though that the book is now becoming the ‘book’. We are still getting stories told by amazing storytellers but the way the stories are being conveyed is evolving and there’s little to do but to accept that. This doesn’t mean we need to stop making and producing books but more should move toward ways to print on demand. We are a culture of waste and unfortunately our practices of consumption are rather shameful. There is no reason to produce a million copies of a book until you need that many. I mean, what happens to best sellers that don’t sell? They make their ways down the food chain until they are finally on the discounted table and then what? Discarded. Yikes. Something has to change.

As much as I love books, I really do like the idea and the promise of e-books is pretty exciting. My hope is that in the future I can start taking full advantage of all that this new tool offers but, for now, I just want to make my current books (save Back From Nothing, which is too old to really be able to covert without more work than is reasonable) to be available on the new technology. Not everyone is willing/able to sit down and read a traditional book so I want to make sure my books have every opportunity out there to find an audience.

The first big step here is in making The Meep Sheep available as an e-book. I regret that all the art in the book had to be excised but fully intend to rectify that in time. For now though readers with newer tech get the opportunity to discover this exciting fairy tale world of the Meep Sheep and will get the same joy that the book has brought everyone else.

So, dear reader, I invite you to discover The Meep Sheep anew and share this world with those you love. Click on the name of the book and you’ll be able to order the book for just $6 .



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