Buy My Books For As Low As .99Cents!

Curious about my books? Have a Kindle? Well then, all of my books are available on Kindle (save for Back from Nothing but that's WAY pre-Kindle so it's only in paperback...from me). Better - All of my story collections are .99 cents.  The novel is $5 but that's a behemoth. Best - If you have… Continue reading Buy My Books For As Low As .99Cents!

The Kreep Sheep–a dark fairy tale–$1 On Kindle!

The follow-up to my fairy tale The Meep Sheep, this is a book that continues in that tradition with stories of the World of Man, the Meep Sheep, the panda kingdom, and more. The Kreep Sheep is full of stories of the past and the future and fills in some of the gaps of history… Continue reading The Kreep Sheep–a dark fairy tale–$1 On Kindle!

For Meeping on the Go…

I love books. I will always love books. I mean, I am a writer for goodness sake so it's clear I am gonna dig me some books. The thing is though that the book is now becoming the 'book'. We are still getting stories told by amazing storytellers but the way the stories are being… Continue reading For Meeping on the Go…

This Beautiful Darkness – now for Kindle!

Well, here you go, another option to read the new book, this time in the DIGISPHERE! WOOO! So if you have one of those new-fangled Kindles you can get yourself a copy of my short story collection for five bucks. See for yourself -