The End, The Beginning, And The Rest

I have already said my thanks for the amazing 2010 I had and the success I saw as a writer and artist but wanted to thank you all one more time just the same.

Thank you for your continued interest and curiosity in my work. Without you I would still be toiling in vain. There’s no way to really thank you other than to just keep doing what I do and hope you appreciate it.

2010 was pretty amazing.

2011 will be better.

On January first I will release my newest book Red Dreams, a collection of dark short stories and a book I adore. I will do the release at as close to midnight as possible to start the new year with a bang. In the middle of the day on the first I will open my Meep Sheep website for one and all. This is a place to find out about The Meep Sheep, to order it in its incarnations, and to learn about who I am and what I do. To anyone that follows my stuff this won’t be anything new or revealing but is a great place for people new to me and the books to discover the world of the Meep Sheep and a portal to the other things I do. It’s sorta one stop info and shopping for me. And Marcus Bieth did an amazing job on the site. It looks beautiful.

Along with Red Dreams, 2011 will bring you The Kreep Sheep, the follow-up and expansion of The Meep Sheep that features new stories and histories on the peoples and lands you first discovered in The Meep Sheep. This is a book I am still working on but it will be released in the Spring. Wanna know why Lady Hush is so feared? It’s in the book. Wanna know where Bumble Kitties come from? In the book. Wonder why the Pandas left the Great Thicket? It’s here. Curious about the wars that ravaged the lands? Yup. Oh, and were you a little curious as to what happens next, after The Meep Sheep, well, this give you those answers.

So 2011 will be the year of the Meep once more as well as a year for Red Dreams. 2012 though, well, that is still quite a ways off but that will be the year of A Shadow Over Ever, the novel I have waiting for release. It needs a heavy duty looking over and some editing but the book is done so 2012 will see its release after beginning as a short story in 2004.

And any shows or events I end up I will post it here and on the Tumblr so keep your peepers peeled. And again, thank you.

The future begins in twelve hours. See ya then.


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