Red Dreams Sampler

Here are a couple small samples from my latest book Red Dreams.

A Taste For Angels

It was finally dark.

The air was heavy with thick waves of heat and sweat that made it feel like he was in a room full of animals that were hiding but there.

It was hard to breathe. Hard to think. Hard to sleep. Hard to do anything but wait.


So wait he did.

But then the air changed. The room changed.

He suddenly knew he wasn’t alone anymore.

He knew he wasn’t alone and he smiled in the darkness.

He knew and he was ready.

“Ahhh, and what do we have here sister – a boy? A little boy awake at this hour? Oh for shame, for shame…”

“Ohhh, a boy is it, sister? Oh, yes, yes, a boy, very good then, very good but a shame indeed. Such a shame. Perhaps he needs to be punished for his disobedience.”

“Ah, punished indeed sister; perhaps that is what he needs. A lesson to teach him some manners, eh? Yes, yes, perhaps that is what he needs. So dear-love, what do you think? Do you think your old grannies should punish you? Do you think you deserve to be punished for being up past your curfew?”

“Yes-yes-yes, sister, and what would your parents say young child, eh? What would they say to your being up into the darkest hours of the clock?”

(Laughing dryly)

“Aye, what would they say indeed love?”


Then the sound of two bodies shifting their weight from foot to foot at the end of his bed, waiting in the warmth of the room for an answer.

“Eh, nothing to say boy? Nothing to say to your grannies?”

“Ah sister, he’s being impudent is he? Isn’t he the bad one?”

“Yes dearie, yes indeed. Nothing to say to his grannies, and what does the little one have to say, eh?”

“Ah yes, the beaut with the blonde hair he’s got beside him there, what’s her name I wonder?”

“Hmm, can’t say I know love, maybe we should ask her…”

Another voice in the room, coming from the bed.

“Her name is Charlotte, you need know no more than that.”

It’s the End of the World and All They Gave Me Was a Lousy Mug

We should have seen it coming, really.

I mean, hell, we all watch the movies, have the soundtracks, rented the video games, bought the books, and saw the damned television shows about it so to say that none of us saw the end of the world coming, well, that’s just a damned lie.

If there is one thing humans should know about it’s the end of the world.

Hell, most religions are obsessed with it and those that aren’t don’t make any money, if you get what I am saying. Those that do preach about it are always kinda waiting for the end to come like a kid waiting for presents on Christmas.

Well, after all that preachin’ and doomin’ and gloomin’ it’s Armageddon time and the hell of it is, no one wants to open our Deathday gift.

Well, fuck it, it’s here and so am I so let’s throw a party, peel back the paper, and see what we got.

Red Dreams is for sale for $10

Red Dreams

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