Reckon – a story

So here is a new story, a very RAW story in the literal sense. It was just completed today and I haven't cleaned it up so it's raw. This story is a follow up to a story in RED DREAMS but should play well if you haven't read that one. What it is, is dark.… Continue reading Reckon – a story

RED DREAMS Book Release Party

If there is something you should do when you are able to release a book it’s have a book release of some sort. For Red Dreams I wanted to celebrate with friends and family so I had people come over to where I live and we invaded my friend and neighbor’s apartment for some delicious… Continue reading RED DREAMS Book Release Party

Red Dreams Sampler

Here are a couple small samples from my latest book Red Dreams. A Taste For Angels It was finally dark. The air was heavy with thick waves of heat and sweat that made it feel like he was in a room full of animals that were hiding but there. It was hard to breathe. Hard… Continue reading Red Dreams Sampler

Red Dreams Is Here!

Happy New Year everyone! I am so very proud to announce the release of the new book Red Dreams. This is my fourth book and is another dark short story collection. The book is over two hundred pages and features fifteen stories and will be sure to give you some sleepless nights. The book is… Continue reading Red Dreams Is Here!

The Insides of Red Dreams

Here’s a taste of what to expect in Red Dreams when it hits on January first. The book will be $10 and will be awesome personified. Index~ A Taste for Angels Guerilla Art Invocation The Fear of Clowns Marvin the Mold We Bury Our Own My Anthem is Your Name Little Sister It’s the End… Continue reading The Insides of Red Dreams

What Wasn’t Used…

When you start out with any sort of project you have a million ideas, a thousand plans, a hundred notions, and about a half dozen things that come through and Red Dreams follows that track completely. As usual I went through a few ideas on the name but this time around Red Dreams really stuck… Continue reading What Wasn’t Used…

Red Dreams

OK, here we go. The new book is called Red Dreams and is a collection of dark stories similar to 2009's This Beautiful Darkness. Generally newer work with a couple older pieces dusted off and thrown in there. Most of the works are freshened up. The book is 214 pages long and is a paperback… Continue reading Red Dreams

And Now I Shall Give You…RED DREAMS

So here it is, the new book and the new cover. I edited it and layed it out myself first and then did the cover and...was told by wiser people that it needed some work. With the help of Amanda Emery and Marcus Bieth I was able to really nail this thing and really like… Continue reading And Now I Shall Give You…RED DREAMS