Play Nice

   When it comes to doing arts shows and conventions there are a lot of things that can bring down the whole feel of the thing and that throws cold water on things. There is a real big one that has of late begun to nag at me and that is the bitterness between shows and it drives me crazy.

   Having done a great variety of shows I get where you have to promote and take care of your show, and when money is on the line it makes things all the more important. Ya hate to lose your money but losing someone else’s is far worse. What drives me nuts lately though is this needless bitterness and rivalry between shows. For me, it just comes off as tacky and small. Chances are, whatever you are doing and what someone else is doing are different enough that you can both be successful. If you are in direct competition then make sure your show is as well done as possible. Worry about what you are trying to do, not what they are doing.

   The lack of professionalism, and the utter bitterness you see is so disheartening as a fan and someone who attends this stuff. Heck, ya can’t be omniscent and know every show, and every deadline, and every announcement but you can make sure the way you handle your business is done professionally. Making fun of or talking trash about the competition just makes you look bad. I know when we did our art shows we just put together the most interesting and unique show we could and let the rest work itself out, and that is how it should be.

   For me, any personal feelings have to go on hold when it comes to show and I need to root for everyone. We want success. We want to foster a fanbase for art or comic or horror or any kind of show. We want the patrons to have funs and the artists to make money. Sure, ya don’t have to like the other people or their shows if you don’t want to but you should always root for them because success breeds success, and failure breeds failure.

It is a shame that we fail to see the bigger picture so often because in the end we are in this together. We are always in it together and the last thing I hope I catch myself doing is pulling for someone else to fail, just so it will make things easier for me.
Uh, no thanks, on that I will pass.

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