Raising A Glass To The 625

   When I learned that the place I used to live for many years and where I had put art shows together with friends for those years was finally putting an end to the art show aspect of the building I wanted to write a memorial of sorts.  Something to mark the occasion and what… Continue reading Raising A Glass To The 625

Free For All

I mentioned in my last post MY theories on why the Arts have been in a slow motion decline.  There's no science or research in my opinion outside of simply being in a small scene and seeing how things seem to be trending.  One of the issues I brought up was the idea of cost. … Continue reading Free For All

Manners, Manners!

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear my friends, it really seems as if we have lost touch with some basic manners these days and it's awfully disconcerting. I understand that we all forget from time to time to be polite, to consider the feelings of others and some of the other simple things that, in… Continue reading Manners, Manners!

Play Nice

   When it comes to doing arts shows and conventions there are a lot of things that can bring down the whole feel of the thing and that throws cold water on things. There is a real big one that has of late begun to nag at me and that is the bitterness between shows… Continue reading Play Nice

Giving Back

The rode to where I am today has had more twists than I care to remember but maybe that is the nature of passion - to take you wherever it is that you will find it. When you stop following that passion, when you stop following your heart you lose sight of what it was… Continue reading Giving Back