Dr. Hullabaloo's Caravan of Kreeps Book and Art Tour is GO!

Hey kids, as of this weekend I am starting on my official/unofficial book and art tour. This is in support of The Kreep Sheep and I will have all my books, some of my art, and all of my awesome on hand at each date.

This weekend I will be in Novi, MI all weekend for the Motorcity Comic Con, a convention I have been doing on and off since 1994. I will have the new book, some art, the other books, and other things and such.

On May 25th I will be at Sweet Harvest Bakery in Flint for a solo art and book show. Delicious sweets will be for sale as well.

June 11th I will be at the Book Bizarre in downtown Flint at the Greater Flint Arts Council from 6 – 9 for a celebration of local and regional writers.

And after that…who can say where Dr. Hullabaloo will appear next. Wherever it is though, it’s gonna be rad, I guarantee you that.

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