Motorcity Comic Con 2011

Well, I can tell you with all honesty that this wasn’t the beginning I had hoped to have for my sorta-book-and-art tour but, well, there was still fun to be had this weekend. Comic Con is always a bit of a mixed bag for me as it’s great to see old friends, meet some new people, and be around the atmosphere but I can’t say I have ever done really well at one. This year was definitely a challenge though as the crowds were pretty focused on what they were there for, more-so it seemed than years before. Something I can appreciate, if not love.

The trouble with conventions anymore is that they are so darn expensive, so expensive that coupled with a fee to park, and then the price of gas well, this all takes from the money that fans come to the con with and thus takes from money they have to use on stuff they hadn’t planned to buy. Heck, as expensive as celeb autographs are it gets to be a wonder that there’s much money at all left. Now, I love this show, and shows like this as I love the novelty of seeing some actors I am familiar with but it does really lessen the occasion that someone might take a chance on my stuff. Though, honestly, a lot of us were not doing really well this weekend, and to me a big part of that was the cost of the event.

Something I need to look at long and hard too though is that maybe this just isn’t my spot. Not that I know where exactly my spot is to sell my books and art but it would seem that a comic con is not it. I have a lot to think about, to be sure, as I have some books to promote and sell, and it’s time to really start doing that.

On the plus, I did meet some great people, saw some people I adore, a couple I don’t like so much, and got to see a couple celebs, which was pretty fun.

Next up is my solo art and book show, let’s hope that goes a little better, shall we?


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