Bloodlust Zombies – review

   In the world of horror movies if you want to sell your movie and get some publicity then the two things you can do is invariably to make a zombie movie and then throw in an adult film actor as the star. Such is the case with Bloodlust Zombies, a movie high on EXCITED ACTING and low on ideas. How low? Let’s find out.

   Within the confines of a government funded science lab tests are being run which could aid American war efforts and protect service men and women. When the trials are done and reported to the corporate heads it looks like the the dream of protecting U.S. soldiers in battle and making a profit have been achieved and now it’s time to celebrate. While everyone is celebrating though two of the scientists working on the project break protocol and pay their mistake with their lives and in a matter of moments the entire building and the employees within are in lockdown and trapped with a spreading virus that turns its victims into rage filled monsters. Unless the workers that remain can work together to either escape or stop the things trying to kill them then none of them will survive.

   Ok, so that’s sort of the plot. Take that and take a step back and throw in the word rage and take out the word zombie, which they do during the film. Suddenly you are looking at the 28 Days movies. Yes, they shamelessly took two modern classic films that live on the outskirts of zombie movies and made a tacky, cheesy horror comedy out of it that is about as funny as it is scary, and that’s not at all.

   Horribly written and needlessly sleazy, the movie is totally watchable. The actors are decent and do their best to raise the level of the film but man is this script awful. If the characters are not doing stupid things then they are saying them and that Alexis Texas, an adult film actress, is the star when her character is completely minor until the last ten minutes and the turn it takes to make her the star is a joke. I feel for her though as naturally she has to get naked a couple times, needlessly, because of her other career. Good grief. It is gory, it is well shot, and like I say, is watchable, but it isn’t good. Not at all. This is one of those movies that makes you shake your head and feel as if you could make a film and get it picked up if you chose the right topic and made sure the lens cap was off the camera.

   There are too many movies like this on the market. Pretty but vapid and in the end a waste of time. If you need to see every zombie movie out there then hey, go for it, but for me this isn’t worth more than having on at a party or in the background as you macramé.

4 out of 10

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