The Hide – movie review

The Hide – review The thriller is a tricky genre.  You see, in many ways it is a horror film but it’s just that the horror is based wholly in the real, wholly in the concrete.  There is a sense of dread but not fear, but there is also a distinct sense of mystery because… Continue reading The Hide – movie review

i-Crime – Movie review

i-Crime              Oh dear, oh dear. Sometimes you just watch a movie and wonder if the people who made it knew what it was they were making. Ya wonder if anyone ever had a moment during filming where they realized, geez, I think we’re missing our target. You know, like if you were making a… Continue reading i-Crime – Movie review

Bloodlust Zombies – review

   In the world of horror movies if you want to sell your movie and get some publicity then the two things you can do is invariably to make a zombie movie and then throw in an adult film actor as the star. Such is the case with Bloodlust Zombies, a movie high on EXCITED… Continue reading Bloodlust Zombies – review

Bleading Lady

I think I discovered a new type of movie, a new subgenre. No, it's true. Torture Corn. Movies about torturing and killing people but which are not serious in the least. Hm, no, that isn't right. Rats. I'll work on it. Anyway, the movie that inspired this new idea for a subgenre is Bleading Lady,… Continue reading Bleading Lady

Let Me Die Quietly – movie review

Let Me Die Quietly   Personally I cannot imagine how hard it would be to make a low budget film. You are trying to make a movie that can compete with the bigger budget films yet has none of the money behind it. Still, you have to look at your limitations and make them your… Continue reading Let Me Die Quietly – movie review

Brain Dead – review

BRAIN DEAD - Review There are people that you come across in life that you get to know but then who just disappear as if they fell off the earth. Such is the case with some filmmakers who, after making a few films that get some notice they just sort of, well, disappear. Far too… Continue reading Brain Dead – review

Darkness – review

DARKNESS – review While it is true that famed horror director Lucio Fulci is long gone, the people he influenced are still very much alive and well. Such is the case with DARKNESS, a film that feels like a spiritual successor to Fulci's brand of dreamy horror where logic wasn't as important as the scares.… Continue reading Darkness – review