A Glimpse Of The Shadow

   This is one of the many pictures I took today for the cover of A Shadow Over Ever. You get a feel for what I am aiming for, the general idea I was going for, without seeing the for real-real image I have chosen. I wanted something that evoked Pete Anders, the main character of the book. I wanted references to him because he is the heart of the book. He is the drive of it. I have really struggled for a long time on what to do with the cover – drawing, painting, photo – and whether I should have someone else do this or whether I should do it myself.

This is one of about thirty images I took but I have a rough idea which one I want to use. Some work to do on it but I think it’s a pretty solid image.

And yes, yes that is a cardboard tombstone.

1. Innovative baby. And cheap. That’s me, innovative and cheap.


2. Pete’s headstone was made of Styrofoam so I figure this is a nice tribute to that, as well as just looking weird.

So there you go…a brief peek before the book hits this Summer. The thought is to release in August with a Flint release party to launch it.

For now…


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