Some Info On The Novel and The COVER!

Ok, so I fretted and fretted over the book yesterday. I knew it’d be big but didn’t realize it’d be THIS big. Part of it is the form factor I chose. It was put it in my head that it’d be neat to have all the books have the same form factor as the other books, well, most of the other books. I like that idea so I stuck with it. Well, it betrayed me on this book and fattened it up. Such is life.

A Shadow Over Ever is 666 pages and is $20.

So, the thought is that I will release A SHADOW OVER EVER as it stands, as one volume, for $20. I will get some for the show on the 10th to sell and beyond that leave it at that. Then in October, I think, I will release the novel in bite sized chunks so people can ease into the whole thing. It will be four volumes to make that whole since there are four parts. Maybe that will change but we will see. I need to take some time to think about it first. So there’s the plan. Such as it is. Hope to see some of you on Aug. 10th for the release, even if you aren’t interested in the new book or any of the rest.


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