The Kreep Sheep – a dark sequel


When I first wrote The Meep Sheep I never ever imagined there were more stories to be written. I wasn’t ‘done’ with the world so much as I didn’t know there was more to say. As time passed the world of the Meep Seep stayed with me and the idea of writing stories, side stories, histories, small little things that would fill in some more of that world, really appealed to me. I started a Tumblr page with the thought that I would fill it with those stories. Pretty quickly though I realized that this was more than an idle time-filler but was the beginnings of the beginnings and the bridge to the next chapter. This book tells the story of the very first creatures to walk the lands and begins the story of the third book. I had so much fun writing this book and putting it together. It’s a little darker than its older sibling but it’s still a fairy tale, or rather these are fairy tales. Oh, but friend, there are no fairies here. No, not at all.

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