FLASHBACK – The Meep Sheep Trilogy

When I first discovered the wonders of self-publishing - and yeah, I’ll say wonders, darn it because for folks like me that can’t get in with a traditional publisher it’s an amazing asset to be able to utilize to get your work out to the world - one of the big things I wanted to… Continue reading FLASHBACK – The Meep Sheep Trilogy

The Last Sheep – a novel

When I started writing I didn’t think I would one day produce nine books. Not ever. Even when my first book came out. It just…it wouldn’t have computed. It still doesn’t. I have put my ninth book out just before I turn 40. So strange. For me The Last Sheep is the end of a… Continue reading The Last Sheep – a novel

The Kreep Sheep – a dark sequel

When I first wrote The Meep Sheep I never ever imagined there were more stories to be written. I wasn't 'done' with the world so much as I didn't know there was more to say. As time passed the world of the Meep Seep stayed with me and the idea of writing stories, side stories,… Continue reading The Kreep Sheep – a dark sequel

The End Of The Third Age

  Just after midnight last night I finished work on the third Meep Sheep book. It took a little longer than the month I had planned on but I hadn't anticipated the walls I would hit at the end. I can say that I wrote a novella now. One single story that is 83 single spaced pages.… Continue reading The End Of The Third Age


   The notion of tone has been weighing heavily on my mind of late as I work to finish the last book in the Meep Sheep series. A touchstone for those books, for me, has been that they were not dumbed down but were accessible to most ages. I strove to write and release something that… Continue reading Tone

The Kreep Sheep–a dark fairy tale–$1 On Kindle!

The follow-up to my fairy tale The Meep Sheep, this is a book that continues in that tradition with stories of the World of Man, the Meep Sheep, the panda kingdom, and more. The Kreep Sheep is full of stories of the past and the future and fills in some of the gaps of history… Continue reading The Kreep Sheep–a dark fairy tale–$1 On Kindle!

The Meep Sheep–a fairy tale–Now on Kindle for $1

If your tastes lean less toward the dark horror than I have something you might be interested in. The Meep Sheep is my ode to the classic fairy tales of the past. I am really proud of the two Meep books and hope you like them as much as I do. An excerpt from The… Continue reading The Meep Sheep–a fairy tale–Now on Kindle for $1

Something Kreeps Over the Horizon

Well, last night was a pretty important night in the life of the new book - it was the last day of editing on The Kreep Sheep, which means that the hard stuff is done. Well, not really, it just means the editing is done. I am pretty stoked. I set deadlines for myself as… Continue reading Something Kreeps Over the Horizon

Your One Stop Shop For All Things MEEP!

Well, I wanted to start 2011 with a bang and that plan was two pronged with RED DREAMS being the first prong and this next being the second. I am proud to announce meepsheep.com. This is a site for info on The Meep Sheep, links to buy the book or the e-book, links to my… Continue reading Your One Stop Shop For All Things MEEP!

Fairy Tales and Growing Up

    We adults are a funny lot, ya know? As kids all we want is to grow up to be able to do whatever the heck it is that we want to do, dreaming of that distant day when we can be our own bosses yet, as soon as we are grown up, we act… Continue reading Fairy Tales and Growing Up

The Players and the Play…

In my newest book The Meep Sheep the story focuses on four people who are brought together in the hopes of pulling their Kingdom from the brink of forever darkness. The theme of darkness is as old as Mankind itself and is familiar card for those who have ever done any reading. The idea of… Continue reading The Players and the Play…

So Why A Fairy Tale?

    As any writer, I loathe labels. Sure, it makes it easier to homogenize what you are doing, and gives you a buzz word to sell the work but jeepers, it seems so limiting to just say ‘oh, it’s a ______’. Nothing is every that cut and dried. Mysteries have an element of terror to… Continue reading So Why A Fairy Tale?