Buried In Clay – a poem

Ya know… I just hate to say I look towards the day Your body’s buried deep in the clay. It feels bad to think That I’ll raise up a drink To know it’s you not your behavior that stinks. In every act, word, and deed You begged of a need To feed your vast greed.… Continue reading Buried In Clay – a poem

Trash – a poem

The story. Of a family. Left by the side of the road. An inheritance of bags, of boxes, of the detritus of our lives. The pictures faded. The Bible torn. The memories rummaged through and scattered. A brand-new stuffed bear covered in rain and mud. The story. Of a family. Left by the side of… Continue reading Trash – a poem

We Watch

this is a rough work. We Wait As time goes by our numbers only grow and we wait. We wait for the day we can be at rest knowing it may never come.We wait.For Providence, Sanity, and Hope.We wait for the Impossible Trinity like childrenwaiting for their prize. We watch them scurry like insects out… Continue reading We Watch

Still Born – a poem

I don't tend to write poetry because I don't write it well but this sprang forth and here it is. Like everything else, I was stillborn.  Life fading like the last light of the day.  Eyes closing.  Mouth opening.  Fist unfurling as a flag with no fight.  I would enter darkness as a small bang. … Continue reading Still Born – a poem

I Sailed A Ship – a poem

I wrote this poem a few weeks ago, suffering the usual inspiration of hearing something and getting it caught in my brain until I wrote a piece to exorcise it. Seems fitting for the season though. I Sailed A Ship I sailed a ship so grand and gray.    A ship so wide and tall.  I… Continue reading I Sailed A Ship – a poem

FLAW – a poem

I have challenged myself to write something new for the blog every week. Some small slice of something to keep the machinery greased. This would be an attempt at a poem, poetry not being a strong suit. It's a first draft, like most things I post on here, and so it will reflect that.  From… Continue reading FLAW – a poem

We Burn – fiction

This is my story in 199 words. I rarely write anything resembling poetry but this is a rare attempt. It is inspired by something, for what it's worth. I haven't really written and finished anything in a bit so this felt good. And I like it, so there's that. We Burn We burn. The candle… Continue reading We Burn – fiction

Analog Heart – a poem

I haven't tried to write a poem in YEARS but was inspired to try my hand at one. I post this without editing, straight from the cooker. Not sure what I feel but I DO feel this so that's a start. Analog HeartThump. Thump. Thump. Goes my analog heart as the world moves digitally on. My… Continue reading Analog Heart – a poem

Watching – poem

This was written for a friend, who will likely never know this was written for them, but it was just the same, and it says all it needs to say. PS - it is a rare occasion that I write poetry. Consider this a blue moon. Watching Watching as the light fades from your eyes… Continue reading Watching – poem

Without – a poem

This is part two of the duo, the dark side of the mirror, if you will. To every light there is a shadow. Something to keep in mind. Without There is no sense in siphoning water from an empty well. There is no light in an empty cave. A desert knows no hope. I laugh.… Continue reading Without – a poem

With – a poem

This is part of a duo, the companion piece to come later. I wrote essentially from two sides of the mirror, and this is one of the sides. With With you I am complete. I am - whole strong beautiful. In your eyes I see the glimmer of a secret heart I barely even know.… Continue reading With – a poem

Altar – story

Altar heart torn free, bleeding, beating, dying and dead. mouth wide and falling, like hope, to gather dust and become one with the detritus. in my head the phantom echo, murder murmur of the fading beats. my eyes sink into my skull, boil, erupt, explode into infinity leaving me not starfield but blackhole, which whispers… Continue reading Altar – story