End of Days – blog

You hear it a lot but things were simpler when I was a kid.  It’s not that there was no established internet, or streaming services, or faux-lebrities that found fame because of a stupid viral incident.  No, it was that the world outside of the high school and towns I grew up in seemed so… Continue reading End of Days – blog

A Participation Award For Caring

Sometimes I wonder if we don’t need participation awards for something as simple as caring or giving a damn since so few of us seem to do that anymore. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you can tell me that things aren’t different, times haven’t changed, and that nothing is new under the sun but I think that’s… Continue reading A Participation Award For Caring

School Grays

School Grays Fair warning, this is a very long bloggy post. After writing my last blog about Halloween I heard something that got me thinking, thinking about school and the way we treat school…and the way we treat our kids. You would think that in 2015 we would be at a place where education was… Continue reading School Grays

I Remember Halloween

Halloween is over for another year and the pangs of regret follow in its heavy footsteps. I wish I could have decorated more. I wish I woulda had more candy for the kids. I wish I woulda gone to a haunted house. I wish I woulda written more. I wish I woulda been more in… Continue reading I Remember Halloween