A Date With the Fair

Last spring I got a temp gig that I was hoping would lead to a full time job. I was desperate and needed something. In the middle of that temp job though I got invited to return to a former employer and did just that. I worked a couple more events for the temp job though since they needed the help and I for sure appreciated the money. One of those jobs was to represent the college at our county fair. It was nice weather, I liked the fair, and it seemed like a decent way to spend the weekend.

Other than getting sun burned by a shifty sun and nearly blown away by strong gusts I had a good time. While there though I was inspired.

I was looking around the place and there were rides that were just sitting there, waiting to be woken up later in the day and my mind started to wander. What If…

I wrote something down quickly and posted it to my social media, a tease from that what if, a tease of the hungry world of the fair that we never get to see.

Not long after that weekend at the county fair I sat down and over the course of a week I wrote a novelette about my strange and scary Fair. It was the story of a journey back to someone lost, back to something lost, and hopefully towards home.

I just finished the revision of the book after a few months of letting it sit and I really, really like the little monster it is. It’s not a horror story per se but one of humanity and finding where you belong. Which isn’t to say it’s not dark, and I’d like to think horrific but it just doesn’t strike me as a HORROR story. What do I know though, right?

I am excited to get this book out into the world and can’t wait until March 13th when I unveil it. Still some work to do – gotta get that cover put together and get it moving forward – but I like this little beast I’ve created and I can’t wait for you to meet it.

TATTERED TENTS & WHISPERED WISHES will be out Friday, March 13th.

You can get it directly from me at Motor City Comic Con from May 15th – May 17th.

Spooky Chris

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