Our Cover Story

So when I took the photos I am using for the cover of TATTERED TENTS I was shocked that I managed to find such a thing in the wild. I was out at a hobby store and was looking at a little display they had and saw it…a headless woman in a lawnchair just living her best headless wife life.

I loved it.

I snapped two pics.

As I was putting the new book together I had to figure out a cover. It was out of season to try to get pics of a carnival or fair and that was the vibe I wanted and need. Atop that, I want to use my own art for about five different reasons, the least of which not being that I prefer to control the full product.

I remembered the headless photo.

It was perfect.

I love this book but man alive do I love this cover even more.

My fave cover for any of my books.

The book will be available on Friday, March 13th, 2020.

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