Outbreak – short film review

Outbreak – short film review

            One of the things that people have heard over and over again during the Covid-19 pandemic is that people should take this time to be productive and to learn, or grow, or tend, or create.

OBVIOUSLY these people have never quarantined before because that all sounds great on paper but man alive is it difficult to get up the gumption with that sort of pressure on you!

The thing is though, some people HAVE been creating out there, folks like filmmaker Alex Magaña who took this time to make a short film.

OUTBREAK is a creepy  sci-fi horror tale about the end of the world.

Familiar stuff, huh? *shiver*

The story focuses on a young man incredulously watching a YouTube conspiracy video about a phenomenon being caught around the world in which people are suddenly and mysteriously found looking up into the sky and then chasing after anyone that happens upon them. The video is chilling and compelling, showing instances of ordinary people being chased down by these people who seem almost to be receiving a message from above before hunting down anyone who catches them during this time. The viewer we begin with calls boola on the video and comments as such before rising to look out to seemingly reassure himself that nothing of this sort is happening where he lives.

A mistake he’ll soon regret.

            OUTBREAK is a breezy creep-fest that plays into our current fear of one another and the inherent suspicion and paranoia of this time in our history. The film has an immediacy due to the ‘found’ footage aspect of the clips and each one brings its own energy. The use of the many clips, from other contributors can be jarring but it does serve to keep the viewer off their guard. The climax seems a little telegraphed, but the finale has a well done and creepy twist that really works.

The limitations of the film are on display but instead of detriments they become assets in a story that is about the immediacy of the moment and mirrors our situation in its way.

Short, strange, and definitely worth a look, director Magaña has crafted something creepy that is perfect for this season of unease.

You can check out OUTBREAK here –

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