THE ARRIVAL – movie review

            Do you ever remember things differently than maybe they happened? I mean, we all do it, right? With friendships. With love. With our heroic adventures where we’re the star. We all do it, exaggerating or blurring reality or not quite seeing a thing for how it was. I have that happen to me all… Continue reading THE ARRIVAL – movie review

Outbreak – short film review

Outbreak – short film review             One of the things that people have heard over and over again during the Covid-19 pandemic is that people should take this time to be productive and to learn, or grow, or tend, or create. OBVIOUSLY these people have never quarantined before because that all sounds great on paper… Continue reading Outbreak – short film review

Star Crash

Ya know, as modern audiences we are pretty spoiled .Even the the worst and lowest budget movies can luck out and get some talented people to do special effects or computer work for them thus making the film look way better than it has a right to. Now we can turn on the worst of… Continue reading Star Crash

The Age of Freaks

Ahh, the good old days. Once upon a time some friends and I had the grand idea to make a totally no budget movie with stuff we could find, make, or get inexpensively. It would be a grand sci fi epic full of cheese and lasers. I wrote a treatment for the first part of… Continue reading The Age of Freaks

My Interview with Wolfman Mac

An Interview With Wolfman Mac of Wolfman Mac’s Nightmare Sinema Imagine a day when movies were not at your fingertips. A time when you couldn't easily rent something, or find it on cable. Remember a time when you had to find the movies that would help to form the person you were to become. I… Continue reading My Interview with Wolfman Mac