My Newest Releases

For me, I feel weird if I am not creating in some way. The way my mind works is that I always have to have a creative project cooking or I get antsy. In all this though it’s easy for me to forget that I have released three books in the last year. While the world has been closed down I haven’t really gotten a chance to get the books in front of many people so I thought this was a good chance to revisit each book. If you like dark, weird, and creepy, you came to the right place.


Road Kill is a novel of small town bigotry and blood red secrets. The town of Munsonville, MI has been built on a foundation of horror that has been hidden for decades and one stranger will pull these ghosts of the past into the daylight for all to see. All that is buried…will be revealed.

In Roots Of Ash

In Roots Of Ash is a collection of connected stories of the haunted woods that surround the small town of Munsonville. While people are not sure they believe the stories of creatures that dwell in that darkness, or the witches that are said to be mothers to those things but people keep clear of woods just the same. But not everyone keeps clear. No, not everyone.

Tattered Tents & Whispered Wishes

A travelling fair can be a place of wonder, of magic, and of love…but it can also be a place of nightmare and horror. Step right up, to the most horrifying show on earth.

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