2020 In Review

Like everyone else, this was a hard year for me.

Saying that though, I was able to accomplish some things and have had my life forever changed.

I have spoken so much about the virus I want to talk about life.

I am a father.

We went from zero to baby all during the pandemic. Heck, during my working remotely!

It is so scary, so weird, and so exciting and nothing I ever expected to have happen. The journey and the things my wife went through for us to have this little girl are a story in their own but what matters is she IS here, our little baby beastie.

Our miracle baby.

I released a book that’s SO different than what I write that it has its own voice and language and life, and I love it. The book is called Tattered Tents & Whispered Wishes and is the story of someone who goes on a journey in the name of love, chasing after a moving fair that is far more than it appears to be.

I adore the book and hope I can actually get out to shows again so people can be introduced to it properly.

This year I was able to finish the writing on the sequel for my story ROAD KILL entitled ROADKILLERS and released it in the late fall. The book is a continuation of that other story but also a story of loss, grief, and reckoning with the past and serves to expand that previous story and to fill in that world even more. It’s a mean book and I love it for that.

During the late summer I was able to carefully get together with some folks to work on an indie film which I ran camera on. The film is a horror anthology linked together by a main character and I wrote one of the segments. It was a challenge to film it during this trying time, but we got most of the film shot before I had to bow out due to the imminent baby and then the production was shut down for safety.

In late summer I wrote a mystery for someone with the hope and plan that it will be published. It’s not at all something I would have seen myself writing but I was able to add in some weirdness and darkness and a lot of personality and I like it. It’s a fun book and could lead to a series if the stars and sales align.

I also wrote another book in the summer which, like so much of what I wrote this year, is different for me. This began as a short novel of fiction that was about the grief of loss – a trend this year it seems. After I had finished it though I thought – what if – and so I wrote a connective story that was the other side of that tale. I have a lot of work to do on it but I really like its bones and think it could be a powerful piece.

The other writing project I took on was to collect and write some stories for a monster anthology I will put out next year. I wanted to put a book of some of my many monster stories out. These are some of the traditional creatures – vampires, werewolves, mummies, zombies, etc. – but seen through my lens. Again, I need to go through and clean it all up but it’s a fun book that I look forward to releasing.

In other creative projects I made a couple micro-short films that I threw on YouTube. A friend and I began a publishing venture and we put our first book out, an anthology titled Unimaginable – Tales of the Sasquatch which features our own stories as well as the stories of two writing friends. The pandemic has hindered our ability to really promote it but the hope is that 2021 will allow it, though we already have plans for two books next year as well.

I still feel like I wasted time and didn’t do as much as I could have, that shark-like mentality I have pulsing with doubt. With everything going on though I am glad I was able to be as creative as I was, even if the arts group some friends and I have had to take a back seat and even if I had to put off convention gigs.

This was a hard year, for everyone, obviously, but it’s the small victories, the miracles, and the lights of other people that made it a year we could not just overcome but thrive during.

A lot of great things were born out of this year to match the horrors, but I am glad to move into the future and to see what that holds.

Interested in some of my work?




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