The Last Halloween – short film – Now Online!

As I did with I Am The Door I decided to post my first short film online. There’s not exactly a line of people waiting to see it and it has yet to make it into any festivals SO I figured I mind as well put it into the world for folks to see. I worked to hard on it, as did the many people in and around the production, to let it go unseen.

It’s a scrappy little thing and I learned a LOT during its making – you can read all about that here. This is a film I wrote, edited, directed, shot, acted in, and helped do music for and it was all fun and all a challenge and I loved it. I even learned not to be too precious about things and to cut when needed to help the flow.

I dig this little monster and hope you will to.

Actor Dominique Hinde in THE LAST HALLOWEEN

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