Are We Monsters – sample

There are several stories in ARE WE MONSTERS but I wanted to post a sample of one of them to give an idea of what you’ll find inside.

This excerpt is from a story called ‘Fearful Thing’ about a young woman’s willingness to face something horrifying in order to seek its aid.

Some things only a monster can do.

From ‘Fearful Thing’ –

The girl shifted her weight as she tried to keep her bootless foot off the damp dirt and watched the hole but saw no movement. It was watching her just as she was watching it. The heat of the basement had subsided, but it was still warm down there and as she caught her breath, weighing her options, she noticed that as hot as she was there was a chill against her leg. She risked a glance and saw that she was standing next to the glass jars, jars that looked to almost give off their own light, here in the gloom, jars that were full, full, and labeled with a name and a date, scrawled in brown on the otherwise clean surfaces.

It was if it cherished these.

It prized them.

She could tell by how clean they were. They may not be stacked neatly but these were still its prizes and there was some sort of sense to how they were placed, even if she didn’t see it. The girl knelt to take a closer look and heard a hiss from the shadows and the air turned hotter.

If you are curious or want to read more you can purchase the book here – ARE WE MONSTERS.

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