ARE WE MONSTERS – new book release!

It’s strange to me to look at the desktop of my laptop and see the folders there for books I am ‘working’ on and to say to myself – ‘oh hey, that’s done now’.

It’s a great feeling, but a strange one.

Especially since now I have to go through and get rid of the several cover attempts – or not – or at least re-title files so I know which are the Master files for the book.


I have a new book out.


I wasn’t sure I’d have a chance to get it out this year or not because, well, Covid…and kiddo.

And life, really.

I hit a point, and am still there, where I just don’t care.

About books, or writing, or anything creative.

I have been beating my head against that way for twenty + years and it’s exhausting. I usually just pull myself out of the funk but this one took a little longer.

But here I am.

With a new book.


The new book is ARE WE MONSTERS? and is an anthology of monster stories. New stories, old stories, and stories that are mold stories are here. I had actually gathered several more but reached a point where I realized that the book was going to be big enough – over 300 pages! – so hey, maybe there’ll be a Son of Are We Monsters? Or Daughter. Or Distant Cousin.


I really like the book. I gathered some of my takes on classics as well as a few others and smashed them all together for your enjoyment. I really dig the cover, which I shot this past weekend with the help of my wife. Save for a couple, I have always done my own covers and prefer it.

I want a hand in the full process.

I think this one turned out pretty neat.

I hope you agree.

The book is $12 in paperback and $3 on Kindle.

I hope you’ll give it a shot and hope you like it, if you do.

Have a cover!

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