Found Footage review.

Oh man, a pseudo-doc that is a companion piece to a found footage movie. Oh SNAP! I am in. This is a really fun idea and way to expand this story and the world of VIDEO-X.

Let’s see what we have.

MURDER IN THE HEARTLAND is presented as a documentary investigation into the lives of Dwayne and Darla-Jean, the two young people who went on a crime and murder spree together and filmed everything. Through interviews and ‘evidentiary photos’ we begin to learn about this young couple and see how they were perceived, giving us a little more insight into the two young criminals. As the documentary crew dig into the people though they learn that they may have been filming what they were doing on their spree and suddenly they are searching for the elusive VIDEO-X that may show exactly what happened.

The really great thing about this pseudo-doc is that it gives so many different ideas as to who these young people were, and who was to blame for what happened and it’s fascinating. The film shows you another side to everything and perhaps why these two young people ran away as they did. With how little these people knew them, and thought of them, you can see why escape would seem so viable. While none of these folks come across as professional actors this seems like a legit doc like we see on television all the time. Sometimes the interviewees don’t stand up as well as others but it all flows really well and seriously, if you didn’t know it, you would think this piece of the puzzle was real.

What you get out of this ‘doc’ is really up to how much you got out of VIDEO-X. I liked it so this is all utterly fascinating and a clever way to tell more of that story. If you didn’t see or didn’t like that other film then this movie has nothing to offer you. I dig it and admire their taking on a different storytelling tact for this.

Make sure to check out the original film this is connected to –

3 .5 out of 5

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