With the release of the new book I thought I would share the opening. While it doesn’t give you the full view of the strange world you will be entering it does give you an idea of where things get rolling.

Things would be different if I were in charge. I assure you. And yes, yes, everyone says that, but I mean it. I mean it. I am tired of how, well, messy it is here. How. It doesn’t take an arch-demon to see that Hell is falling apart. 

I mean really. 

Where are the good old days of roasting a soul over an open fire as imps danced around and sang songs?

Where are the good old days of mass disembowelments in the courtyard before the black palace?

What happened to the joy demons took in meting out holy wrath?

Not that I was here in those days but, from what I have read on some fractured tables I have found, those were glorious days indeed. 

So, what happened?

Hell isn’t fun anymore. 

It’s just…Hell. 

What a drag. 

RELIQUARY IN BLACK is a dark fantasy with a heavy helping of horror. It is a story of self-discovery, faith, love, and the dark, dangerous places we go to find those things. This is a big, strange, ambitious book and I hope you give it a chance.

Click Image For Link To Buy.

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