I always find it interesting, how people who face no loss of their rights always seem to pop up when they are being taken away from others to say – well gee, it doesn’t bother me. 

The room oooohs, and ahhhhhs because, boy, that’s a revelation. 

Imagine that, someone who doesn’t have to face the fear and unease of trying to adapt to a world where they are not granted rights others have or which they have had previously isn’t upset at not losing their rights. 


I find the recent handwringing and performative grief over how TERRIBLE the idea of abortion in the U.S. – something that has happened in society, legally or illegally since the beginning – a bit much. I find it hard to fully appreciate that side of the argument when so many of these folks are hardline Freedom warriors who march around with flags and guns but don’t quite grasp the whole ‘freedom’ thing. They would rather loudly mourn babies that never were than to work to save the kids we have. They’d rather scream about how precious the Second Amendment is and how important their guns are for freedom, instead of honestly talking about how we can curb gun violence. 

‘It’s the innercity’, they’ll cry out. 

Or another chestnut is – ‘It’s always in LIBERAL places’. 

There is no genuine empathy outside of empty thoughts and hollow prayers. They pray more for Trump and to win the lottery than they do the murdered children of our nation. 

OH, but those abortions!

And trust me, I have my opinions on it, like everything else, and mine seems clear, but this is beyond my opinion. AND THAT IS THE THING! This isn’t about ‘opinion’ and to put the responsibility on the states, like the Supreme Court seems to want to do (which is so cowardly!) is just making things utter chaos. The Red states will do THIS and the Blue states will do THAT and it will forever be a push and pull over this issue. We’ll never move forward. And that is the chaos this lazy, cowardly court wants. 

That’s what a lot of folks seem to want. 

We take our personal religious beliefs and our personal opinions and then we want to force them on the whole of us. Me, I am an atheist. That’s fine for me. I am certainly not going to tell the country and the world they need to be like me though. I am the way that fits me. ME. I hold a lot of opinions that I know are not for everyone, and so be it. Society is about finding what works for the most of us AS WELL AS working to give rights to those that need and deserve them. 


It’s not about doing what your pastor says. 

It’s not about doing what your favorite politician says. 

It’s about doing what is Right for all of us. 

You can hate abortion, so be it. If that’s the case then work to support the women who keep their babies and need help. 

Focus on the many, many unwanted children we already have. 

Obsessing over unborn babies is like preparing for a job you don’t have. 

It makes no sense. 

It’s a moral issue, and that’s it. 




And this country can’t run on morality alone.

And it doesn’t because here’s the thing, kid, if you are SO against ‘murder’ and ‘killing babies’ then you’d work harder to secure our children in schools (and arming more people to defend them isn’t the answer, bucky!) and you’d work harder to oppose war, which KILLS PEOPLE!

It’s not about that though. 

It’s about the show of it all. The performance.
It’s about proving to God and everyone around you that YOU ARE A GOOD CHRISTIAN!

And if you support a woman’s right to choose, not abortion mind you but the woman’s RIGHT TO CHOOSE FOR HERSELF, then you are a monster and Satanist and are going to Hell. 

It’s like a bratty kid needing to make sure EVERYONE knows they did their chores instead of just doing them. 


But can you do it more quietly?

And never are the women factored into the equation. They are merely the vessels for these precious babies. The lives of the women are basically forfeit. 

All babies that are unwanted were CLEARLY the product of the woman’s sin – not a mistake, or an assault, or whatever else – no, these women are sinners and their angels are victims. 

Sure, there are women out there that have had abortions and it was a procedure and that was all. I’d wager those are the VAST minority though because I cannot imagine how hard it would be to make that decision and then live with it. We make sure those women will feel what they have done because we, as a society, are about nothing if not guilt. 

And naturally NO ONE has sex that isn’t married unless they are a sinner, right?

And NO ONE has an ‘oopsie, the condom broke’ except sinners. 

So they asked for this baby!

The men, slaves to their ravenous sexuality, cannot be held responsible, no, it is up to women to keep men pure and chaste. 

We’re a nation of liars that are standing on ladders to look into one another’s bedrooms. 

We all ‘sin’. 

Most of us screw or have screwed out of wedlock. 

A lot of us get lucky though and never face the repercussions of that outside of the occasional guilt or online drama. 

But we all like to pretend we’re all innocents and are just holding the sinners’ feet to the fire. 

Have that baby, woman!
Don’t do the sin if you don’t wanna pay the price. 


Something none of these people even understand. 

Or care about. 

They are about the performance. 

Showing that they care about the unborn while calling the police on the foreign couple walking their dog down the street. 

We are a nation that seeks to legislate everything by a book that was written by committee after divine inspiration millennia before there were things like internet and airplanes and world wars. 

They want to rule by the rule of ONE god in a nation that recognizes most. 

It’s nonsense. 

And that some of us are gleeful to get rid of the rights of these women tells you a whole lot. 

You can nod and say, ‘good’, I suppose, because you are so pious and religious (you better be real sure about that if you’re gonna prance around so gleefully in full view of an omnipotent being) but if we’re this land of flowing freedom it’s curious how people cheer for the loss of rights of others. 

So long as they aren’t you. 



Three cheers for our Beacons of Freedom, guns on hips, flags in one hand, beer in the other, hooting and hollering and kicking up their heels. Don’t tread on them, brother, because they got rights!

Beacons, spreading their wisdom and glory to others. 

Just don’t get caught in that shadow because it’s deep, and it’s cold, and God doesn’t live there. 


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