A Legacy of Rage

As another story of school violence comes out where a worker has been brutally beaten until unconscious and the student wouldn’t have stopped their beating until the victim was dead if they had not been restrained we have to ask ourselves what it will take to wake us up.  A brutal war has been going… Continue reading A Legacy of Rage

Down, Down, Down We Go

It really is a wonder that children are as generally reasonable as they are considering what surrounds them. Adults have not only killed civility but we have pulled it apart, buried it, and then urinated on its grave.  It would seem that as adults force children to grow up at a  younger and younger age… Continue reading Down, Down, Down We Go

Aren’t We Better Than This – blog

Like a lot of people these days - or a lot of people through time, I'd imagine - I find myself asking again and again - aren't we better than this? It seems like every day there is a new scandal, a new outrage, a new revelation of information the public didn't need to be… Continue reading Aren’t We Better Than This – blog