The Platform’s Broken

            As someone who was on social media posting ridiculous things for years and years and as someone who has benefited from there being a self-publishing platform for podcasting and writing, I appreciate the joys of free speech. I appreciate the ability to say something knowing that hey, I can say it but if I… Continue reading The Platform’s Broken

The End Is Nigh

So, I guess it's all over, right? It's done? Covid-19 is just a memory we will talk about over hard seltzers on the beach as we gather in droves. Phew, glad that's over. isn't. Not that that is easy to discern from recent developments but, hey, we're all about fast forwarding past the boring… Continue reading The End Is Nigh

Freedom Fries 2

In recording my recent podcast about the nature of American freedom I naturally left out LOTS of things I wanted to say so I thought I’d follow it up with a blog. The thing about freedom, as I said in the podcast, is that it is a contract. Freedom with a capital ‘F’ is about… Continue reading Freedom Fries 2