I consider myself lucky in my dealings with Covid-19. Considering how many people lost loved their lives, lost loved ones, or lost months to illness I got lucky.  It hit my family hard, to be sure.  My infant daughter brought it home from daycare and when she started projectile vomiting it had to have taken… Continue reading Effects

Two Years Later – blog

Today is a special and strange day for my family. It was two years ago that our daughter began her journey to us, and we began the final leg of our IVF journey. I remember the day still, and how scared and excited we were. It was a miserably hard process for my wife –… Continue reading Two Years Later – blog

Eighteen Months – blog

Since Covid hit its stride in March of 2020 I had been out of the office I work at for eighteen months. Eighteen. I still remember the days leading to that day – Things were suddenly getting more and more dire in the country, despite the protestations of the President to the contrary. Internally our… Continue reading Eighteen Months – blog

Purity – blog

I have been a movie geek since I was a kid. There was a time in my life, living in a small town near to a slightly larger town, where I’d go to the movies all the time. In retrospect I saw a lot of trash. I loved going to the movies though. I was… Continue reading Purity – blog

The End Is Nigh

So, I guess it's all over, right? It's done? Covid-19 is just a memory we will talk about over hard seltzers on the beach as we gather in droves. Phew, glad that's over. Except...it isn't. Not that that is easy to discern from recent developments but, hey, we're all about fast forwarding past the boring… Continue reading The End Is Nigh