There is a portion of the geek press that has come to decide that Marvel movies, the MCU, are inherently bad. Perhaps it is ‘too much of a “good” thing’, or maybe it’s just that familiarity has bred contempt, but the fact is that once Marvel became so ubiquitous at the theater – and… Continue reading THE ETERNALS – review

Knowing Best

   If you hadn’t noticed I am pretty much a nerd. Now, I am not going to get into a silly argument about HOW nerdy I am or how OLD SCHOOL I am because really, who cares? What does it matter? What matters is I am nerdy. Beyond that it’s just trying to impress you… Continue reading Knowing Best

"What If…"

Years and years and years ago Marvel Comics asked that very question and from that question were born dozens of universes that filled what they consider the 'multi-verse', or basically a series of worlds with alternate histories to the one which Marvel has laid forth in their comics. What If allowed Marvel and its writers… Continue reading "What If…"