I have to be honest, I can’t even fathom what it’d be like to have fans.

And by fans I mean people that are not related to you, or are not friends or lovers of you.  I just can’t imagine it. Not even in a self-deprecating way. Just can’t do it.

I know that as fun as it would be, it has to be a pain. As soon as you have fans, or people invested into your work you are beholden to them to varying degrees. Sure, you can ignore them and write what you want but if you don’t ever consider these people and what they think then the chances of you making any money as a professional writer are going to be pretty limited.

It’s a strange tightrope to walk, I am sure.

Personally, I have always been someone who simply goes along for the ride when it comes to writers. Sure, there are a lot of writers who I don’t follow anymore because I am not interested in what they are doing but so be it. The fun of being a writer is that you can explore so many aspects of yourself and the world and it can all vary from piece to piece. So while I won’t always be into what a writer is doing, I can appreciate their artistry just the same. What bothers me is when you have a writer get holier than thou about their writing and suddenly act as if whatever they’d written before was wrong, or garbage and that they have changed and ‘see the light’. That sort of logic boggles my mind. If you can’t accept what you write, and who you are when you wrote it, then maybe you are in the wrong profession.

I have to admit though, it’d be pretty rad to have people who looked forward to the next thing I was writing. Sure, that’s the ego there, but it’s nice to have validation that what you are doing is getting through to people. It’s nice to know that someone appreciates what you are doing.

And it’s always nice to get that couple bucks.


Here’s to the fans, the me, the you, the everyone out there with a passion for something.

Keep it unreal.


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