The Doom Of Geekdom

I was a STAR WARS kid growing up.  I had the toys, I loved the movies, and I imagined that universe and its people all of the time. I wondered what Episodes 1, 2, and 3 might be (since we started, it turned out, with part 4) and wondered where it’d all lead.  I don’t… Continue reading The Doom Of Geekdom

Who We Stand With And What We Stand For

Fandom is a strange sort of magic. Strangers united under the same umbrella, bound by a love of things that are not always as physical as they are ethereal. Bound by things that the mainstream once deemed as frivolous and wasteful but which found their way into the mainstream. Suddenly the mainstream embraced things they… Continue reading Who We Stand With And What We Stand For

The Circle

I went to my first convention when I was just a kid. Two friends and I went to a Fangoria Weekend of Horrors show in Dearborn, Michigan and spent the weekend there. This was in 1990. We went back in 1991 and those were the only two times that Fango visited the Mighty Mitten. Those… Continue reading The Circle

The Con Game 2 – The Outsider

The Con Game 2 – The Outsider I think most people, should they head to a convention for something and not be a fan they’d feel like an outsider. I mean, if you go to a Star Trek con and don’t know who Data is then you will probably feel a bit out of your… Continue reading The Con Game 2 – The Outsider


I have to be honest, I can't even fathom what it'd be like to have fans. And by fans I mean people that are not related to you, or are not friends or lovers of you.  I just can't imagine it. Not even in a self-deprecating way. Just can't do it. I know that as… Continue reading Fanfare…