Father – a story

I guess my dad was right after all, I’ve lived all this time and I’m nothin’. Nothin’. I never had anything spectacular happen to me, no heroic war stories, no tall tales of runnin’ from the law, no scandals, no nothin’. I sit around here most days and wonder what the fuck happened to Time,… Continue reading Father – a story

Altar – story

Altar heart torn free, bleeding, beating, dying and dead. mouth wide and falling, like hope, to gather dust and become one with the detritus. in my head the phantom echo, murder murmur of the fading beats. my eyes sink into my skull, boil, erupt, explode into infinity leaving me not starfield but blackhole, which whispers… Continue reading Altar – story

But what if they don't buy it?

ah, yeah, that question. the question that's at the heart of every writer that puts pen to paper, finger to key. sure, the bigger question is, naturally, what if they don't care, but cripes, that's the fear everyone with a passion has. i mean, you write for yourself, yes, up to a point, but then… Continue reading But what if they don't buy it?

Faceless Angels – a story

Faceless Angels   The blood and tears ran together and met beneath the boy's nose and hung there, above his lip, before finally splashing below to join the growing pool. He knelt before the other boy, two years older, twenty pounds heavier, and not even breathing hard, and watched as the crowd around them shrank… Continue reading Faceless Angels – a story