With – a poem

This is part of a duo, the companion piece to come later.

I wrote essentially from two sides of the mirror, and this is one of the sides.


With you I am complete.
I am –
In your eyes I see the glimmer of a secret heart I barely even
Memory is a phantom.
Future is a blur.
All that exists is this
You are my savior in this living Hell.
My preserver in this sea of me.
So many have shown their lights in me and seen only
echoes of who I never was.
Ghosts of who I could never be.
You are the only-
my only –
to see me as I am.
With you
With me.
With us.
We are.
No matter what questions I have as I stand here looking
into myself I know –
This mirror cannot lie.
I am –
With me.
I am whole.
I am pure.
I am free.
With me
I am.

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